Our Services

At Miranda ESG we become partners with our clients in their quest to achieve the best global practices in all relevant ESG topics.


  • Design and coordinate a materiality analysis, as well as interpret its results.
  • Design and organize the content of sustainability reports.
  • Supervise the compliance of GRI, SASB, or the desired/required sustainability standards.
  • Coordinate the verification of compliance with certified providers.


  • Design and implement a perception study with investors to understand the market’s view on the current sustainability strategy, future goals, and relevance of different policies.
  • Improve the company’s positioning on ESG topics with traditional and specialized media.
  • Improve the company’s communication strategy on ESG topics.


  • Optimize sustainability ratings working hand in hand with the company to understand the gaps leading to better results (RobecoSAM, MSCI, etc).


  • Investor targeting or improvements to investor relations on ESG topics.
  • Suggest the best events and forums to discuss the company’s sustainability strategy.


  • Analyze current corporate governance standards and compare them to global best practices.
  • Provide an industry comparison to find the optimized route towards improved corporate governance standards.
  • Suggest improvements that can reflect on the market valuation as well as the competitive positioning of the company vs peers.


  • Provide an industry comparison to find the gaps in diversity in key corporate governance bodies as well as policies towards diversity and inclusion.
  • Suggest mentoring/training options to improve diversity and inclusion over 5-10 year periods.
  • Analyze the current board structure to suggest potential candidates that can improve diversity metrics and add value to the board processes.


  • Analyze existing CSR practices and compare them to industry peers to find improvement areas.
  • Design a new CSR program.
  • Actively manage the CSR program.


  • Train the management team, board members, or any relevant stakeholders on the latest ESG trends, best practices, and ESG corporate strategies.


  • Help design an ESG integration policy aligned with the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).
  • Help design a stewardship report with key performance indicators for the sustainability goals.

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